Seasonal activities

taller bossetes olor Can Solà
taller pedres Can Solà
With seasonal activities we propose to the schools to have a different day but at the same time a reason to learn.

And the best time to do this is to take advantage of season changes, the popular holidays and celebrations, or just to team up!


During Carnival and Lent

Carnestoltes and Sweety are deeply bewildered, old lady Lent does not stop grumbling, and she wants to forbid them to celebrate the carnival. Pay attentions as the story of two very different neighbors beginns.

Saint George

I have a question. Why can't princess be brave ans strong and beat the dragon?
Maybe the dragon wants to become a vegetarian! Maybe the knight wants to be an expert in trying out mattresses and spending his whole life lying down.
How do you feel about the end of this story? Or the whole legend!
We represent a new version, different and fun. Here we go!
The Chestnut lady

When the chestnut lady lit the fire after harvesting chestnuts ...
What a surprise! Incredulous, she found the basket completely empty, all chestnuts gone. It seemed as if they flew when they felt the heat from the toaster.
What must have happened?