1st, 2nd and 3rd ESO Introduction to renewable energy. Vilobí d’Onyar


As you may have noticed, for many years there has been a whole movement to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. We believe that it is very important for students to know what alternatives exist and how they are produced.

We hope this dossier will sparkle your curiosity, beyond encouraging you to continue recycling your garbage at home or taking public transport, and so on.

We will talk about different concepts based on current data so you can get to know them more depthly as they will be part of our future.


As for the activities, we will do a bicycle tour, we will have lunch in a picnic area by ​​the Onyar River and we will go to the farm Mas Bes, where a guide-person will show us the facilities and how this farm uses renewable energy to minimize the impact on the environment.

In Can solà, we will also see how we can take advantage of the waste and how they are converted or reused.

As for the SYNTHESIS WORK`s goals, the same title already leads us to think about different concepts to face throughout the stay.


* To assess with a critical vision the very need for energy.
* To know the real, present, and future energy problems.
* To know the renewable sources available today through which we can obtain this sustainable energy.
* To promote good social habits related to health, consumption and the environment, and contribute to their conservation and improvement.
* To enjoy your stay.